Apple Special Event 2010

I couldn’t miss this event; I watched the whole thing via Live Stream at the official website and I must say that I was pretty impressed with the video quality of the Live Streaming.

So, what’s new?

At the beginning of the event Steve Jobs introduced the upcoming firmware of the iOS 4.1 which features the game center and HDR camera feature for the iPhone. I think the HDR technology is pretty awesome for a smartphone and this would definitely enhance the quality of photos taken in certain situations. This feature will add more definition to your photos and make them look super great!

We were also given the sneak preview of the iOS 4.2 which will come out in November (it’s the month when I’ll be watching Harry Potter movie). iOS 4.2 will finally support the iPad users; so they can enjoy multi-tasking on their over-rated tablets.

Another pretty awesome thing is the new iTunes version 10 which will be available today. Apple introduces Ping Social Network for Music Service (It is pretty much like Apple version of Facebook and Twitter) To be honest, I wasn’t really impressed by it due to the fact that I do not believe that people would need all these many social network accounts Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and now Ping! I don’t see anything that is really fun, new or innovative with Apple Ping. However, I bet that this thing will be a hit since Apple it is integrated with iTunes and I’m sure there are millions of iTunes account holders would be interested in Ping services.

New iPod Line Up 2010-2011

Steve Jobs introduced the new Apple iPod Shuffle, a touch screen iPod Nano, and an even slimmer iPod Touch with front and back cameras that support Face Time.

The new iPod Touch will be an amazing hit, including Facetime on an iPod will be just totally amazing! I’m sure there will be tons of Nokia users out there who don’t want to spend that much money on an iPhone 4 would grab an iPod and communicating with Facetime all the time.

One More Thing

Just like the rumors, Apple TV gets a whole new update. For just $99, it is now many times smaller than the previous one. It is pretty promising for developed countries with fast internet connection because what it mainly does is basically stream content through the server. It is also capable of streaming YouTube, Netflix and content from your Mac.

The event is wrapped up by a special guest star; the lead singer from Coldplay (I forgot his name, but he sings really good). He sings a song that I do not know of, Viva La Vida, and a likely new hit from the Coldplay’s upcoming album.

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