Apple Unveils iPhone 4

Apple has just unveiled “iPhone 4” the next generation of iPhone.

What’s New?

  • Its official name is iPhone 4
  • It is currently the THINNEST smart phone in the Planet
  • It runs iPhone OS 4 (renamed to iOS 4)
  • Shoots 720p HD video
  • New Design (Just like the leaked iPhone we’ve seen that was found in the bar last month)
  • 5Mega Pixels Camera + Software Enchantments + LED flash
  • iBook (like the iPad) will be included in the iPhone
  • Apple’s iMovie App (will be on sale at the App Store)
  • Backside Illuminated Sensor
  • Gyroscope 3 Axis (for motion sensors used for gaming etc.)
  • It Uses Apple A4 Chip
  • Added “Microsoft Bing!” to the Search Engine option
  • It uses Micro Sim instead of the standard Sim Card
  • New Glass for better display and scratch resistant
  • Stainless Steel is used in the new design for extra strength

ONE MORE THING – Steve Jobs took the stage, called Jony Ive and made a video call. It is official called ‘Face Time’; this feature is for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 only.

update: Steve Jobs has just wrapped up the Appleā€™s World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco (WWDC) 2010, and it really turned out the rumors were all true. The lost iPhone was indeed the prototype of iPhone 4; but the final product is probably slightly thinner than the lost prototype. It is coming on June 24; and since it is using Micro Sim Card, I don’t think I’d be able to get one from the United States as early as June 24, I guess I’ll just have to wait until it is available at where I live. Thanks for reading my tech blog, and I’ll be posting a review as soon as I get my hands on the new iPhone! Ciao!

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