Apple Uses the New iPad Air 2 to Regain its Hold in Global Tablet Market

Apple is trying to buy its way into the bigger half of the tablet market with its new iPad, but there are doubts regarding how successful it will be. It has offered the tablet lovers a pair of new iPad in the recent past. All with the hope of making it big in the tablet market yet again. Out of the two, one of the models will no doubt perform will in the market, judging from its features.

Ipad Air 2

Apple never played a second division in this game since it made its buy with the phenomenal iPads in 2010. They provided the most secure OS as well as has high quality hardware but its price worked as a factor that prevented it from gaining a major global market share. The size of their tablets was also optimum and all these made it more admirable. Apple was more admired than bought in tablet users.

Apple’s iPad Air was a success but Apple came up with its new iPad Air 2 promising improved performance. They have done some upgradation with the processor chip from that in iPad Air. The new chip installed inside the iPad Air 2 is 40% faster than what is inside its predecessor. Its graphics stats have also been considerably risen and made about 2.5 times of what was in iPad Air last year.

App developers have got their wings to develop more sophisticated apps as this will provide enough energy to run the high power consuming apps also. They will be open to all kinds of updates at least for the upcoming pair of years. It will run all upcoming apps and programs in near future. The camera installed in this new iPad Air 2 is far better than its predecessors, both in terms of resolution and pixel count. It has got slow motions video features and can take multiple pictures in a row. The camera features go at par with that of the new iPhone’s and thus overdrives any previous model from Apple’s workshop.

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