Are You Ready For the iPad 2?

Sadly, I did not get one of these invitation cards. Apple must have sent it to my old address, but yeah anyway…”Apple is going to unveil the new iPad tomorrow. How do we know this? Well, the invitation card seems pretty obvious…

“Come see what 2011 will be the year of?” Will it be the year of the iPad 2? As far as I’m concerned it is the year of Rabbit:

The iPad 2 is likely to be announced tomorrow, like always I will be doing a coverage on that, so be sure to visit my blog tomorrow to see the coverage on the Apple’s next generation Tablet. It is said that the new iPad will be much thinner and lighter than the previous version, it might not get the Retina Display like the iPhone 4’s but the screen might get some slight enhancements. SD card slot is unlikely, but the new iPad will sure be equipped with a lot of Wifi functionality such as the ability to transfer files, images over Wifi with the use of special built in software. Rumors suggest that it might also come in Black and White color.

So, what d’ya think about the iPad 2? Do you want one?

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