What’s The Best iPhone 4 Case?

Here’s a fact: iPhone users will buy iPhone 4 cases regardless the antenna issue. Why? Because they’re cool! iPhone cases are cool! but here’s the question, Which one is the coolest?

For me it is the SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel Case for the iPhone 4, it has the layer by layer protection so it will protect your phone unlike any other iPhone 4 cases out there. The design has the WOW factors, it is very elegant and stylish. It’s quite thin and feels great in your hand when you’re making a call or playing Angry Birds.

Works with both AT&T and Verizon Models:
For those who didn’t know, Apple has launched the Verizon version of iPhone couple of months ago and the model is slightly different than the AT&T model. CapsuleRebel by SwitchEasy is a universal case and will work on both iPhone 4 models. They really have spent a lot of time on designing this iPhone case, it looks cool, very sleek, and most importantly it fully protects your iPhone from potential scratches and damages.

The material of this case is solid but yet it is not the kind that would easily scratch your phone. It is somewhat silicon, but its not all rubbery. Kind of like soft plastic…

The package comes together with two crystal clear screen shields, video stands, headset jet port cover and universal docks. (tons of goodies).

Once you put it on, it does look kind of like your iPhone has been transformed into an Alienware phone. It really is one of those covers that is cool for its case design. Most covers out there are merely retro graphic printed but the cases are pretty much the same. To sum it up, CapsuleRebel case is a uniquely designed iPhone case that protects your iPhone in a whole fashionable way.

So, what do you think? Do you have an Apple iPhone? Which case are you using?

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