iPad or Android tablets?

Instead of a computer, Both tablet & ipad can do word processing or working on tables but we must admit that it is still a lot less convenient than a computer. Ipad sell in millions all over the word this year as it did not exist before March-April 2010 (launch of the iPad 1). The touch pad looks like a high-tech gifts & most of the tech geeks preferred. One the other hand, the tablets are in general expensive brands. Sales in units of desktop and especially laptop should be higher then it all over the world.

Similarly both iPad 2 and android tablets are wireless, portable & accessible to the young and older. The tablet is a is like a couch computer. This is to surf the Internet, check email, watch videos, read, play and many other things with top android apps. While on the other side you can find many best apps for your ipad for free.

I must say that the Apple iPad 2 is extremely simple and pleasant to use. It is still the most comprehensive with over 140 000 iPad-optimized applications to download (other 400 000 The iPhone also work). The iPad is a e-book to buy and read digital books in different languages. But the iPad has its flaws. It is not compatible with Flash technology which prohibits access to certain websites.

Android is like that of a computer, Android has an office such as Windows. And obligation to open separate accounts to download books and films.With version 3.2 Honeycomb, Android offers as many features as the iPad and more compatibility with Flash.There are several sizes of Android tablets, between 17 (7 inches) and 25 cm diagonal (10 inches), while the iPad is only available in 25 cm (10 inches).

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