Buying An iPad This Holiday Season? Don’t!

Apple iPad can be a great Christmas gift for family and friends, in fact it has been quite a trending gift lately this Holiday season. However, you should be smart about buying an Apple product.

Apple updates their products every year, and it is very likely that we’re going to see Apple unveiling the next generation of iPad, (rumored as: iPad II) as early as January 2011.

The new iPad II is rumored to include front and rear camera which will support Facetime calls. It will be slightly thinner than the first generation iPad and comes with USB ports compatible for digital photos transfers.

The upcoming iPad should not have the same principals of iPod Touch. When iPad was first introduced, people (even the Apple fans) saw it as just another iPod touch with a bigger screen (iPod touch on steroid). I’m guessing that it will have certain killer features that both iPhone 4 and iPod Touch don’t possess. Something like processor beyond what we have on any other iDevices (probably a dual core processor).

iPad 2 needs to be more powerful than iPhone 4 or else there is no reason for an iPad 2. Forget about Facetime, you can do that on the iPod touch, what it needs is something that is extraordinary; certain features that won’t be introduced on any other iDevices.

For now I don’t see the real reason to buy an iPad. I would always bring a Macbook whenever I go to the coffee house. Even if I need something ‘mobile’, I’ll always have an iPhone in my pocket. It will be very interesting what Apple might come up with the next generation of their most notable Tablet PC.

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