Extend Macbook’s Battery Life

Just bought that new and shiny Macbook Pro? It is a heck of an investment; I’ve just gotten my first ever Macbook Pro last month and I see there is a need to take a really good care of this expensive new laptop.

Macbook has built in battery, it is replaceable but I would want it to last as long as possible.

How do you take care of your Macbook’s Battery?

It depends on your lifestyle; if you are traveler; the best way is to charge your Macbook whenever you have the chance to do so. According to Apple, maintaining the battery life means to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. It is not recommended to leave your Macbook plugged in all the time, ideally the best representation would be a person who uses the Macbook on the train, then charge or plugs it in at the office.

My Experience

After using the Macbook for a month now, my Macbook has completed 29 battery cycles (average of 1 cycle a day). I find that in order to maintain the battery life, you should charge your battery most of the times.

Should you drain your Macbook’s battery everyday?

No! Draining your battery is only good when you are about to calibrate the battery. (you should calibrate your battery only once a month) For proper use, leave your battery at 60% whenever you decide not to use it.

Only drain your battery below 50% when you decide not to use it for more than 3 days

Ideal Use

Plug in every time the battery stats shows less than 60%. Do not drain the battery too often; if your Macbook battery is drained, charge it without turning it on. Let it full charged before you start using it.

Battery Stats

Download and install iStat Nano to keep your battery healthy.

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