How to Start Saving Money with Mac

You know what I realize? I realize that I have spent way to much money not only on gadgets but on almost everything (except for food, because I need food to continue living). It has come to my awareness that I have to immediately start saving money as much as I have to start making more money. This year alone according to eBay Customer Support; I have spent more than US $2000 buying goods from the internet auction website. Am I really that rich? Nope. Not really. Should I start thinking about saving money for a better future? Definitely.

Which apps on Mac OS will help you save more money? There are couple of apps that I have just downloaded and I found them very useful to help me keeping my money from being overspent. Two of my favorites are iFinance and Compartments. Please note that this is not a review but I’m just going to simply give you an idea of what they can do and how they can help you save a lot of money.


This is a very powerful application that helps you keeping track of what goes in and out of your pocket, bank account or credit card. The user interface is really nice and I believe they have won the Apple’s Design Award for looking good.

By looking at the screenshot, it is pretty self-explanatory. You can see how simple but yet how powerful the application really is. This is the screenshot that has been taken from the App Store; in the screenshot we can see how John Doe really has got to cut down on spending too much money. Look at all the ‘highlights in red’ indicating expenses that have took place. If you got an iPhone; this application will sync flawlessly with the iPhone version too.


Another application that I really like is called Compartments and it is probably the simplest app you could have on your Mac and also the most useful when it comes to keeping track of what you have purchased. This app shows what you have bought or in another scientific word “assets”. For example after using this app I realized that I am actually very rich; because I have personal items worth a lot of money. I found this app very useful because I am quite involve in online auctioning, I sell my used items all the time on eBay and some forums. This app helps me keeping track of the items I rarely use; and for your information I have sold my Amplitube iRig on eBay this morning since I never really use that thing.

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