How to Unlock iPhone Devices

IPhones are the phones to have these days. There are new versions coming out every now and then.  They have a variety of features that only a smart phone can have. Most iPhones come to you locked to a specific network. Most iPhone owners  are looking for ways on how to unlock iPhone devices. This is because they may want to use another network or need to use a new SIM card in order to save money. That is why people are constantly playing the cat and mouse game with Apple and trying to find out how to unlock iPhones safely and easily. It is necessary though to look at some features of the iPhone before looking at why you might want to unlock it.


Some of the distinctive iPhone features

Perfect internet connection; the iPhone is well known for its web browser abilities. It has one of the best browsing experiences that one can have on a smart phone.

Rotating screen; the iPhone screen automatically rotates when you turn it by 90 degrees. It provides a better view for you when you’re watching a movie, browsing or playing games.

Large screen; not only does the iPhone come with an intelligent rotate sensor; the screen is also wide enough to beautifully display the phone’s contents. This is a great feature because you do not have to strain when using the various applications on your iPhone.

Video calls; with an iPhone you do not need to use your computer to make video calls. You can see and hear the person you’re talking to clearly on your iPhone screen as easily as a computer’s.

Long battery life; with all these application it is a necessity to have a reliable battery life.  The iPhone has a long battery life and you can use it for a long period of time.

Retina display; this makes the iPhone screen to have one of the highest resolution ever.  It ensures that all images, graphics and videos are extremely clear to your eye.

Quality camera and video; iPhones provide a fully HD feature when it comes to its picture and videos. The colors and images are extremely sharp and detailed.

Now that most of the features are covered, it now time to look at how to unlock iPhones.

How to unlock iPhones by jail breaking

Before starting to look for ways on how to unlock iPhones, one has to recognize which unlocking process works best with your iPhone version.

Here are several steps on how to unlock iPhones using jailbreak software

  • Before you begin the unlocking process, it is best that you back up all your files. This will ensure that you have everything incase your data is lost in the process.
  • You will need to jailbreak your iPhone first. This makes it easier for the unlocking process to take place.  You will need to download the jailbreak software for it to work.
  • After installing the software run the programme. When this is done, go to search and enter in the URL of the programme you want to use for unlocking your iPhone.
  • Restart the iPhone. This will ensure that new settings are reconfigured in the smart phone.
  • When the unlocking software is installed, run it. This will unlock your phone.
  • Now you can try to use another SIM card. If it works then you have successfully unlocked your iPhone.

Another way to go when unlocking an iPhone is to use a computer chip.  This is an expensive process as the chips are not that cheap.

How to unlock an iPhone using a computer chip

  • Buy an authentic computer chip. Ensure that it is compatible with the version of your iPhone.
  • Before placing the chip on your iPhone ensure that you know where exactly to place it.
  • After inserting the chip, you can now insert your new SIM card.
  • Reboot the iPhone, this will ensure that all the new configurations are integrated.
  • After switching it on you will see the new SIM card displayed. This will mean success. If not repeat the steps above.

The benefits of finding out how to unlock an iPhone

There are several advantages of unlocking your iPhone. Here are some

  • You can now use a SIM card from another provider.  One will no longer be limited to a single provider who might not be satisfactory to you as consumer.
  • One can connect to the internet using WI-FI signals when in areas with the signals. This is great benefit as you will not pay a single cent to browse.
  • You can use your iPhone when travelling. Having an unlocked iPhone limits your usage to only a single country where your provider is. If unlocked you can simply use a SIM card of any local provider anywhere you travel to.
  • Costs are also saved after unlocking your iPhone.  By using a provider of your choice you can go to the most affordable one there saving your money on calls and texts.

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