iPhone 4: First Impressions

The death grip, Antenna Issues – The iPhone 4

Does it matter? Of course not! It’s the iPhone we’re talking about. Even if it doesn’t make calls it will still be cool. Let’s be serious about the antenna issue first of all; as reported it is indeed an Apple Engineering failure. It does matter for some people but for most people; I don’t think they will have problems with the antenna issue.

One thing that Apple products have had for years are “cool cases”. Whether it is a Macbook or an iPod, there are cool accessories for your Apple devices. Most iPhone users will use cases or bumpers on their iPhone and that will fix the antenna issue altogether. Even if you don’t prefer to use an iPhone case, the signal problem won’t likely happen unless if you recreate what is happening the the YouTube video.

Overall, the signal problem of the iPhone 4 should not be a big issue. Apple has stated that if you are not happy with your iPhone purchase you can always return it back to the store and ask for a refund.

What I really like about the new iPhone 4

There are tons of new features on the iPhone 4 such as video conferencing and high definition video recording. However when I first got my hands on the iPhone 4; one thing that really does stand out is the display. It is certainly the best display you could ever get on a phone. It is obvious, you can clearly see the huge difference between the previous iPhone display and the retina display on the iPhone 4.

This display is even crispier than the iPad; which according to the rumors; the new second generation iPad will come with Retina Display as well. I think we can agree that when it comes to “features”; iPad and iPod Touch fall a little behind the iPhone.

That’s the killer feature of the iPhone 4: “The Retina Display”. You can’t see it much on YouTube; I say get your hands on the iPhone 4 and see it for yourself!

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