Sorry Folks, No iPhone 5, It’s 4S

Today, Apple has announced the long anticipated iPhone. Everybody has been waiting eagerly for the iPhone 5 but sadly we’re not gonna get it this year.

The new iPhone is debuted as the iPhone 4S, it looks exactly like the previous iPhone but with much improved hardware, up to 2 times faster than the previous iPhone.

So… What’s New?

  • Ships with iOS 5
  • It is now using A5 Chip (Dual Core Processor)
  • 8 Mega Pixels Camera (take amazing photos and shoot video in Full HD)
  • Siri Voice Recognition (Voice Command Feature that Recognizes your Voice and Understands You!)
  • AirPlay Mirroring (Just like the iPad with iOS 5)
  • Find My Friends App (Just like ‘Find my iPhone’ app, but you find your friends with this app!)

Upgrading Suggestions:

It is almost like 3GS versus 3G iPhone. Since the design looks exactly the same and not a lot of features can be categorized as ‘killer features’, I would say that this iPhone is not an essential upgrade for those who have already owned an iPhone 4. Another Apple device that is not worth buying at the moment is the ‘Apple TV‘ which only allows you to display 720p content. Apple TV is definitely going to get upgraded and features ‘Full HD’ sometime in December or early next year.

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