iPhone Stuck on Looping Reboot

Have you ever done something bad lately to your iPhone like ‘jailbreaking’. Well I mean, bad in the point of view of Apple since Jailbreaking is now legal in the US!

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced that they have won the exceptions to the DMCA and this has made ‘Jailbreaking the iPhone or any other smartphone’ officially legal in the United States. So the next time someone sees your jailbroken iPhone, you’d look “cool” rather than looking like someone who has committed an iPhone crime.

Anyway, stuck iPhone could happen for a couple of reasons as well and not just by “Jailbreaking”:. The last time it happened to my cousin was during the backup restoration to the iPhone 3G running iOS4.

What actually happened was; he had restored his iPhone 3G (obviously he backed it up first) and updated to the  iOS4 through ‘restoration’ process instead of updating straight to the iOS4. Once it has restored, he did the ‘backup restoration’ process and this is when things get ugly. His iPhone stuck on the Apple Logo Reboot Loop or whatever you call it. I call it the Apple Fruit Screen of Death (AFSoD).

How did this really happen? I think it was because the backup files from iOS3 is different than the iOS4. This is why if you’re thinking about updating your current iPhone 3.0 to iOS4 you should do the ‘update’ process rather than restoring the iPhone completely. Backup files from iOS3 won’t support your iPhone once it has been updated to the iOS4. (this is another reason why updating process takes a really long time for the iPhone 3G users)

How do you fix it then?!

First you will have put your iPhone in the Recovery Mode.

1) Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac using the USB cable.

2) While the iPhone is busy looping itself, press the Power and Home buttons at the same time. Once it looks like it is turned of, go ahead and let go of the power button without letting go the Home Button. Keep pressing until iTunes tells you that your iPhone needs restoration.

3.a) If you don’t want the old Backup Files, go ahead and restore your iPhone to the latest iOS4.

3.b) If you still want your the backup files from your iPhone 3.0, you will have to do some hacking techniques in order to get those files back to your iPhone. The problem here is the iPhone with iOS4 installed can not be downgraded back to the 3.0 firmware.

4) Press ‘shift’ on the keyboard and click on ‘restore’, the browser window will open and you will have to locate the iPhone 3.1.3 firmware. The firmware can either be downloaded from here or it is already located in the iTunes AppData folder.

5) Wait for the iPhone to be restored and downgraded to 3.1.3 firmware. You will eventually get an error code from iTunes.

6) Close iTunes program, reboot your computer, put your iPhone to Recovery Mode and repeat step 4 all over again.

7) iTunes will give you the error code again, but this time, hit up Recboot; which can be downloaded from their website.

WARNING – make sure your have libusb installed first. You can download and install it from here. Another WARNING: if you are using Windows Vista or Seven, set the Recboot and Libusb in “Windows XP mode” before installing and running it!

Click on ‘Exit Recovery Mode’ on Recboot, your iPhone will reboot and ready to use. You can even plug it in and restore all the backup from the iPhone 3.0 firmware.

8) Remember, if you want to update the iPhone to iOS4, click on ‘update’ instead of restore. Note that iPhone 3G users will find that updating to iOS4 could take a really long time, this is normal since the iTunes has to convert your old backup files and make it compatible with iOS4.

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