Jailbreaking Your iPhone: Is it worth it?

If you’re an iPhone or iPod touch user, you might have come across the terms ‘Jailbreak’ which is a fancy name for ‘Hacked Apple Handheld Device’. Those jailbroken iPhones sold by third parties are original iPhone but they have been opened, jailbroken, and unlocked. That being said; it is not wise to buy an iPhone from a third party store because you will face a problem and obviously you won’t be able to contact Apple for customer support.

There is a way to jailbreak your iPhone (the one you get from Apple legitimate reseller). There are various third party software that can be used to jailbreak iPhone; some are called Blackrain, RedSnow, and Spirit. The names could become a problem to non-techie people especially the fact that they are very unusual. Before I even know how to jailbreak, I was confused with RedSnow being a hacking method rather than software. All of them though share one thing in common – they can be used to jailbreak your iPhone without the need of performing complicated tasks that involves hacking knowledge etc.

Two things you’ll need to jailbreak an iPhone:

  • Your iPhone needs to be unlocked
  • You need software for jailbreaking

What does it mean to jailbreak your iPhone? Generally what it really does is – it opens the iPhone Closed Platform. You might be wondering why you couldn’t drag files into your iPhone hard disk like a pendrive would; the reason is that the Operating System runs by the iPhone is a closed platform. It is secure, however there are some disadvantages of the iPhone being a closed platform.

By Jailbreaking your iPhone, it opens that closed platform and therefore there are tons of things you could do with your iPhone. For example, downloading third party iPhone apps that are not available in the iTunes Store or in the darker side; you could even play pirated iPhone apps.

You could modify iPhone apps, maybe change the background image in the Talking Carl app and replace it with your own photo or maybe change the Talking Carl character himself. There are numerous creative things you would be able to do with a jailbroken iPhone.

However, jailbroken iPhone has tons of disadvantages as well. Being an Open Platform, your iPhone will be less secure and vulnerable to Viruses and Threats.

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