Just Don’t Hold It Like That

Despite all the cool features of iPhone 4; the most anticipated smart phone is having serious hardware issue right now, it seems that the phone was badly engineered. The new antenna is an Apple ‘design failure’, however the CEO denied the issue and calling it a ‘non issue’:

Why this is a serious issue, and Steve Jobs is WRONG:

You can’t tell your customer how to hold a mobile phone!

Technically, Apple is saying that it is a non-issue and the real problem is how you hold the iPhone and the solution to the problem is to generally change the way you hold your phone.

How do we suppose to hold the phone anyways?, with two fingers like having a cup of tea!?

Apple really need to fix this, and the real problem is “It is a hardware issue” and can’t be solved with software updates. That is the reason why they are denying the issue!

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