Keeping Up With The Gadgets

With new technology and cool gadgets being invented almost every second, how do you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest? Here are some tips and idea to get you stay updated:

Latest VS Second Best (Get to Know What is Minor and What is Major)

Do you really need the latest? Is the latest also the greatest? Take a look at the Apple iPad for example; the new iPad 2 just came out but here is the question: How far different is the new iPad 2 from the previous iPad? Well the major changes are the front and rear camera and slightly better hardware specs. However it still does almost the same thing as the first generation iPad. If you’ve just got the first iPad, there is no need to upgrade since you will ended up losing a lot of money. Sometimes it is not worth it to get the latest, because the latest is not necessarily has to be the greatest. Grab the ‘second-best’ you will save a ton of money.

Quintessential VS Cool

Some gadgets like smartphone and notebook are essentials items for your everyday use. You need smartphone to check and send emails or a notebook to write your papers, but do you really need an iPad? iPad is cool, but it is not something that is essential. It could be essential if you do not own a smart phone. If you already got that latest Android phone, tablets (iPad or those Galaxy pads etc.) are in no-way in the quintessential list.

The Reason Why I Prefer Apple

Apple Inc. only updates their product lines once a year, you don’t get to see the new iPhone every month, you’ll only get to see it once a year in June. Google Android based Smart Phones are being made almost every month. Just when you thought you have the latest Android phone you will get outdated on the next month. This is the reason I prefer Apple’s products, once you get the held of an iPad 2 in March, you’ll own the best of the tablet for at least a year.

Buying New Computer? Don’t look at the RAM; look at the Processor

Do you really need to know what is RAM, Processor, Motherboard, and all that crap? No. One thing that is essential to know though; ‘Processor’. Today’s generations processors as of 2011 are Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. If you’re buying a new laptop, you don’t want those Core2Duo or Centrino (these are old processors). Remember this: Processors don’t get outdated easily; they only make new processors once in a while. FYI, Core2Duo was released back in 2006 (Wow! it’s been ages).

Do the Math (Most of the time; you’ll ended up with the same answer)

My friends are wondering how in the **** could I afford buying a new iPhone every year? Well, the answer is very simple: “eBay”. Yes, I sell my iPhone every year to buy a newer iPhone in June. Does this mean I am wasting money every year? Not necessarily, if you do the math, most smartphones would cost $299, lets say $499 without contract. You buy a brand new smartphone in August 2010 at the cost of $499, by August 2011 your used smartphone would worth at least half of its original price tag, ‘$250’. Should you wait for another year? You can, but I gotta tell ya, the price tag of that phone won’t stay $250 forever. Before you even know it; most of the electronics you’ve bought ended up being in the basement. Technically saying, you need $299 or less (to update your phone every year). If you wait too long you’ll get outdated and might ended up having to pay the full price of a newer phone instead of benefiting some money from selling your previous phone.

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