Mac OS X Lion Now Available at the App Store

Mac OS X Lion is now available for $29.99 purchase at the app store. I have in fact successfully purchased it but due to my slow internet connection the download will only be completed approximately 6 hours from now.

The download is exactly 3.74 GB. I’ll be updating this post, or actually make a new post about my initial impressions on Mac OS X Lion later tonight.

As for now it is only available for download at $29.99 which is a one time purchase for all of your Personal Macs. Technically saying if you have 20 Macs at home, you’ll need to pay the one time payment of $29.99 to upgrade all of them. However, Mac OS X Snow Leopard is required for the upgrade meaning if the current OS for your Mac is not ‘Snow Leapord’ you won’t be able to upgrade it to Lion.

According to Apple website, you may also be able to purchase OS X Lion at the Apple Retail Store later in August. The process is done via USB thumb drive, again it will not be available in the form of Compact Discs. It’s almost like buying a brand new pen drive but with Mac OS X installation file in it. This is an option for those who don’t have internet connection or lack of internet connection. The thumb drive will be available later in August at $69.

What about Mac OS X Server?
Mac OS X Lion server will require the basic Lion OS and it will cost $49.99 (downloadable at the App Store)

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