Is Lion Awesome?

I didn’t think it could possibly be this good

It has been about a month since the launch of the new Mac OS X Lion on the App Store. I have to say that it is actually way better than I thought it was going to be, however there are certain changes that I do not like.

What’s Bad?

I don’t like the new Andromeda Galaxy wallpaper, the older Galaxy wallpaper in both Leopard and Snow Leopard were actually better in my opinion. Probably it just doesn’t seem to fit with my likings.

They somehow removed the three-fingers gesture on Finder. You know when you browse through folder after folder now you can’t swipe to go back and forth to the previously viewed folder without manually clicking on the next and previous button. This kind of ‘suck’!

What’s Good?

Gestures are probably the biggest implementation in the new generation of Mac OS X. There’s so much that can be achieved with simple gestures on Lion. You can now zoom in and out of a web page, swipe two fingers to go to the next or previous page in Safari or Preview apps, pinch with thumbs and three fingers to launch the new launchpad or spread fingers to reveal the desktop.

Launchpad makes it very easy to access all the apps on your Mac. This really is a sucker punch to the start button on Windows. It works really well and I am loving it! You can even delete an app from the launchpad just like you could delete an app from an iOS device.

Spaces is just great on the Mac OS X Lion. Full screen apps will automatically be opened in a new space. It may look complicated on the Demo shown at the Apple Event, but it just works! If you don’t prefer the full screen experience, sure you can minimize the app as you wish.

Is It Worth The Upgrade?

As I have mentioned earlier, the biggest implementation on the new Mac OS X is ‘gestures’. If your Macbook doesn’t support multi-touch gestures, perhaps Lion is not much of an essential upgrade.

Is It Better Than Snow Leopard?

I have been using Lion for about a month now, I got to say ‘Yes’! Definitely better than Snow Leopard!

Any Favorite Feature?

For me it’s got to be the new Launchpad! It is freaking cool and makes your Mac look a lot like a huge iPad.

How Would I Rate Lion?

I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars probably just because they abandoned the swiping gesture on Finder. They could include it on the next Lion upgrade but as for now, there isn’t much of a gesture you could do on the Finder app. It is capable of revealing all the files (and I really mean ‘all’) on the Mac. This new feature works really well, but as for browsing from a folder to another, you got to have the swiping gesture. It is one of the most frequently used gestures on Snow Leopard that has been discontinued on Lion.

What do you people think about the new Mac OS X? Don’t just read, leave a comment!

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