Macbook Pro 2011 – Time to Upgrade?

Macbook has just unveiled the new Apple Pro; I mean the technology giant company, Apple has just updated the Macbook Pro lines. What does this mean? It means, the Macbook Pro notebooks have just gotten even faster!

According to the early buyers (or rich people / jerks) the new Macbook Pro 2011 has some huge improvements over the 2010 models (the one that I’m using right now)

Macbook Pro 2011 has the same design as the older Macbook Unibody models, now that’s a relief to some ‘older-Macbook’ owners out there. They still have the fantastic stainless steel uni-body design.

There’s a huge improvement when it comes to performance! Just look at the table below:

Don’t worry I am pretty much clueless too, but by looking at the table, that is some huge improvements indeed!

Should I upgrade now? Should you?

For those who have just bought the 2010 Macbook, don’t worry about it. It is not necessary to upgrade to the 2011 model just yet. They’ve only made changes to the internal hardware, and technically the improvements in terms of “Processing Power & Performance”.

As far as I concern, there is no new killer feature that’s worth upgrading to. No it doesn’t support holographic images, and no it doesn’t have Jet pack.

Wait for that new killer feature… maybe the 2012 Macbook Pro models? Who knows?…

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