Methods And Reasons To Jailbreak The iPhone 4S

Jailbreaking an iPhone 4s simply means getting rid of the limitations that has been imposed by Apple on all its devices that uses iOs operating system. The process is done through the use of kernels. Furthermore, this is a legal process in most of the countries. It is normally the first procedure that one has to do before unlocking iPhone 4S.

Jailbreaking is usually a form of an increased privilege. Jailbreaking simply means setting the device free from its jail. The procedure is usually of importance to users who have intentions of running unauthorized software by apple. For you to carry out the procedure, you have to connect your phone to a computer every time you have to boot it. On the other hand, a phone that has been jail broken will allow you to power your iPhone without assistance from the computer.

Steps involved in the Jailbreak of the iPhone 4S

In order to jail break iPhone 4s successfully, you need to have two items; a software that will perform the process and a computer or laptop. You can either download software that can operate bothe the windows operating system and Mac operating system. The commonly known softwe are Absinthe, Pwnage tool and Redsnow. The following are some of the steps you need to follow if you jailbreak the iPhone 4S.

The first thing you need to do is download jail break software. In this case, let’s consider Redsnow as an example. After downloading, you will have the file that has been downloaded which has the name “redsnow”. On the pop up menu, click ok and then from your screen, click the expert mode. The next thing is then to click on the iDevice button which appears on the left side of your screen

The next step involved is to hunt for the unlock software button for you iPhone 4s and then go ahead and pick out iOs firmware that you require. For iPhone 4s, you will need iOs 4.3.3 firmware. After selecting your firmware, another menu screen will pop out on the screen. Click on the typical button and then close so that you may proceed. You will then see an Activate button. You should click this button in association with your current network service provider. However, if you are on AT&T, you are advices not to choose this button.

Continue following every instructions that comes while you read and clicking on the next button until you go back to the page that you first selected the typical button. However, this time you have to choose build button and go to next.

Read the instructions that come on the watch screen careful and do as you are instructed. There are few tasks that you need to do in this case. Select a destination folder that will help you save the iOs to make it easy to locate it. This is just half way the procedure.

The next step is to understand and follow the instructions offered by the redsnow as it begins to build your new software. In this step, you maybe required to give the password of your computer. Ensure you follow all the requirements until when you will be requested to connect your iPhone in which you have to switch to DFU mode. You then press the energy for a while at the same time holding your home button for a few seconds until your iTunes pops up.

You then hold the Alt key. The menu will then appear showing you where to locate and then click on restore. Then iTunes will then complete the whole process.

Benefits of Jailbreaking The iPhone 4S

Jailbreaking comes with great benefits. One of the main benefits is that you are able to expand the features that were limited by Apple and its application store. It also allows users of iPhone 4s to gain access to the operating system. It does this by allowing you to download additional themes, applications and extensions which are not available in the official apple application store.

Risks involved in Jailbreak iPhone 4S

There is always a reason why Apple puts restriction to its devices because they know what your iPhone can do and what it cannot do.  If you are jailbreaking your iPhone for the purpose of multitasking, then you should know that it may kill your phone’s battery life time. Your iPhone is also at a risk of not functioning and you will not to anyone for support. This is because, jailbreaking your iPhone 4s interferes with the phone’s warranty. You phone also is at risk of being sensitive. In addition to that, your phone also becomes susceptible to various viruses.

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