iPhone 5? What to Expect?

As you people might have noticed, I haven’t made a lot of posts regarding to this soon to be released iPhone, or shall I say the soon to be released ‘iPhones’. The reason is because I’m getting tired of hearing all of these weird ‘”too good to be true” rumors. Have a look at one of these concept videos and let me know what you think:

Seriously, holographic display? Well, anyways, rumors have it that Apple will be annoucing two brand spanking new iPhones in the event that will be held next month. These iPhones will be debuted as the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5) and the slightly improved and cheaper version of iPhone 4 (iPhone 4 Plus).

iPhone 4 Plus

This will attract more potential iPhone users who have been wanting an iPhone but just couldn’t afford to get one. It is rumored that this iPhone will be a slightly improved version of the current generation Apple smartphone and more importantly it will have cheaper price tag since it won’t require the user to sign up for a contract. It will come with post-paid and pre-paid plans.

iPhone 5

This is the much of a bigger deal for the regular iPhone users who are looking forward for an upgrade! Apple iPhone 5 is said to be equipped with 8 Mega Pixels camera, faster processor and potentially a graphic processor too! I’m not sure about improved graphics since Retina Display on the iPhone 4 is just too good already, but if there is an improvement it could probably be the glass/screen material. HD is a must; and so I must say that I am looking forward to see 1080p video recording resolution on the upcoming iPhone.

The Designs

iPhone 4 Plus will have the current generation iPhone design but with a much improved antenna-gate. iPhone 5 will be a complete redesigned. According to the rumors it will look much like an iPod Touch. This could also be the reason why Apple never announced a new generation of iPods this year. They must be working really hard on these next generation smart-phones.

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