Should You Switch to Apple Mac?

I’ve been using my Macbook Pro for about 2 months now, and it’s been great! It is the fastest, most elegant personal computer you’ll ever have.

Buying Your New Personal Computer

Apple is the only other option. Operating System (OS) plays a major role in the desktop computing industry

There are only two big players in the computer industry and when it comes to buying a Personal Computer technically it is either Microsoft or Apple. If you choose Vaio, HP, Compaq (no matter how pricey they are), those computers are still using Microsoft ‘Windows’. They are not much different than any other computers in the market.

Would you like to spend a thousand bucks on a better computer? or would you rather get a computer that is totally different than the rest of the computers in the market. If you’d like to get something ‘different’, the choice is obvious – its Apple.

Is Apple Mac A Better Choice?

It all comes down to ‘how are you going to use it?‘. After using my Macbook for over 2 months now, I believe switching from Windows to Apple will be more of a problem for Advance Computer Users than it is for Average Users. Most average users will love how easy and simple a computer can be when they got their hands on that shiny Macbook.

Advance computer users need advance computer applications (those might not be available for Macs). Individual programmers mostly would only write computer applications for Windows Platform, so you might not be able to use those applications. However for the bigger company like Adobe, or even Microsoft would make their application to be compatible with both Mac and PC. For example, Microsoft Office (Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint) is being made available for both PC and Mac users.

Certainly not for Gamers

Graphic Designers, Web Developers will love a Mac. However, Macs are definitely not for gamers. Sure there are tons of games made for Macs out there but they are never close to the experience that you’ll get with the PCs. If you are looking for a new laptop for gaming, I’d suggest you to get a PC or better yet get the best gaming computer in the market: Alienware

Macbooks are Expensive, are they not?

In my case, it is a hefty investment. I bought the latest 15 inch Macbook Pro Core i7 (my first Mac) obviously because of the stuff that I do. I’m a web developer but at the same time I do tons of Graphic Design work as well as Movie Making or Video Editing. The Macbook Pro Core i7 is perfect for those professional design work that I do, and I am really happy with it.

For an average computer user, you wouldn’t necessarily need to invest on the expensive Macbook Pro. You can always give a shot at Macbook White which is a lot cheaper, but you’d be happy to know that it won’t cost you as much as Vaio or those over rated PCs.

White Color Macbook

Just the right amount of everything…

Increase Productivity

If there is one killer feature of the Macbook that would make thousands of people switch from PC to Mac; it is definitely the Track-pad.

Apple's Trackpad

Multi-touch Trackpad: Macbook’s Killer Feature

You can do tons of things faster and easier with the Macbook’s trackpad, and to be honest, I think it is the only track-pad that works.


Overall, I’m very happy with my Macbook Pro, if you people have anything to add, please leave a comment at the comment section below. Ciao!

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