Tidy Songs: Music Library Organizer

One of the major differences between an MP3 player user and an iPod user is: ‘iPod users organize their music library better than other MP3 users’. The reason is obvious; the way that iTunes and iPod handle music is so neat and clean. I call it ‘Intelligent Database Design’, of course normal people won’t understand that.

I purchased my very first iPod (Apple iPod Video) in the late 2005 with my own pocket money, and I felt proud because that was one of the most expensive items I’ve ever bought in my entire life. What’s really cool about it was: it played Video! Take that iPod Nano! (some of my friends got their iPod Nanos couple of months earlier, and it was a sucker punch when the Video iPod came out)

The iPod Video wasn’t my first MP3 player, it was this weird MP4 player my parents bought from Singapore and the way that it handled music obviously not as impressive as the iPod.

The experience of switching from an MP4 player to an iPod was quite easy for me since I only had about 50 songs in the MP4 player. Organizing them in the iTunes wasn’t a big deal for me; it was pretty easy.

The Big Problem is: what if you have 3,000 songs in your MP3 player and you are switching to an iPod.

Organizing ‘unorganized’ music library could take ages. You should take my word when I say: Once You Have an iPod you will want to make your music library as organized as possible.


Because that is the point of buying an iPod. Everybody wants Album Artwork, and 100% correct song information once you get the hands on an iPod.

I mean, come on?! No Album Artworks on an iPod? Songs badly organized? … iPod shows Can’t Buy Me Love – by Taylor Swift when it supposed to be sang by The Beatles?

So… What is the easiest way to clean up and organize your music library?

There is a software called ‘TidySongs’ that lets you do this automatically. It is pretty much an addon to help you organize your iTunes Library and it works like magic.

It is a must have software that Remove Duplicate Songs, if you happen to have duplicate songs in your iTunes Library. Another great feature that I really like is it fills in Missing Artist, Title and all that.

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