What to Expect in the Fourth Gen iPhone?

Last year we didn’t get the new generation of iPhone when Apple announced the iPhone 3G S which is still in the 3rd generation. This year in JUNE, we are pretty sure that Apple will debut a new iPhone and it will be called either ‘iPhone 4G’ or ‘iPhone HD’

Personally, I’d like it to be called iPhone HD since ‘4G’ would be confusing to some people. Anways, according to the sources, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is currently making two new iPhones and they will both be announced in JUNE 2010 which is exactly one year after the company debuted ‘iPhone 3G S’. It is rumored that either one will be supporting Verizon network instead of AT&T in the United States.

This 4th Generation iPhone will likely runs Apple own processor technology that is being used by the iPad. That being said, it will be significantly faster and speedier than the iPhone 3G S. Front facing camera is another feature that has been long awaited on the iPhone; according to the rumors there will be a front facing camera that supports both 3G video call and serves as instant messaging webcam.

Adobe Flash will unlikely make it to the iPhone platform since Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) claimed that “Flash is buggy” and he has high hopes that people won’t be needing flash in the future. He claimed that everyone will be switching to HTML 5 (another web technology) which doesn’t require FLASH to view “FLASH-LIKE” web content. As for now, expect to see those blue ‘missing plugins’ icon on Safari when you are browsing the web with iPhone.

Another feature being reported to be available is the ‘multi-tasking’ which obviously allows you to do multiple tasks on the iPhone. A fair example would be when you are using Safari browser; you’re allowed to switch from one page to another or switching from one tab to another tab which opens another web page. Currently Apps on the iPhone can’t do that. With multitasking feature; it will be possible for you to play ‘Fifa 10’ and ‘We Rule’ at the same time without quitting both applications.

Last but not the least; if they really going to debut the iPhone as ‘HD’, it will obviously needs to play videos in High Definition format which is at least 720p in quality. This will enhance the movie watching experience on the mobile device and at last connecting the iPhone to HDTV will be worth it. We are getting closer to completely get rid of DVD players.

The iPhone is rumored to come with 32, and 64 GB of storage. There will be several other features too, what do you think? Share it in the comment section.

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