What’s the deal with MyWi?

Since Jailbreaking an iPhone has been made ‘legal’ about a month ago, I’ve decided to give it a shot!

“Yes, my iPhone is Jailbroken”

…and nope, I’m not doing it for personal use! Let me be clear that this is for experimental testing only. I wanted to test out all the fantastic apps, tweaks and apps that you could download to a jailbroken iPhone. One of the apps that I was really excited about was the MyWi.

What’s MiWi?

MiWi is an app that’s capable of turning your iPhone 3G connection to a Wifi network. It will make your iPhone work as if it was a portable wifi modem. When it is turned on, you could actually see the Wifi Connection from the AirPort or Wireless Network.

Basically, it works like 3G tethering but it turns that 3G connection into Wifi sorta connection.

Awesome! Should I jailbreak my iPhone now!?

Hold on to that thought. Let me just give you some thoughts on the MyWi app…

I think the app has worked quite wonderfully, however, I could not help but notice there are some issues with the app as well. First of all, the app itself is not gratis. You need to pay for certain amount of money to download the app. It should give you a 10 days trial after downloading it for the first time. Second is, you should expect errors too. It doesn’t run smoothly; sometimes it will crash or refresh itself.

The connection works like WiFi, but I’m afraid it is just not fully WiFi. I tested it on a Mac, the connection shows up in the AirPort network list, however once connected it gives you a weird icon. I’m not sure what it was but it still connects to the Internet so I guess that’s not a big deal.

The big deal is: The connection is just “not WiFi”. It doesn’t feel like WiFi; the connection feels no different than connecting the iPhone via Bluetooth Tethering method.

Thoughts on Jailbroken iPhone

Having your iPhone being Jailbroken is a pretty cool thing. You sure will get tons of features you could not get on a locked-down iPhone. However, I must say that; in my opinion it is just not necessary.

You can even enable Flash on a Jailbroken iPhone, but it did not work as smooth as one would expect.

Most of the features, hacks and tweaks that you could do with a Jailbroken; with no doubts are fun to experiment with. Not necessarily useful for most average front-end users.

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