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Is Lion Awesome?

It has been about a month since the launch of the new Mac OS X Lion on the App Store. I didn’t think it could possibly be better than Snow Leopard, but is it? What’s good? What’s bad? Should you upgrade?

Mac OS X Lion Now Available at the App Store

Mac OS X Lion is now available for $29.99 purchase at the Mac App Store. Later in August Apple will also provide Mac OS X Lion installation in the form of USB thumb drive at $69.

Apple Jealous of Google?

Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt accuses Apple of being jealous. Earlier in March 20th, Apple filed lawsuits against the Taiwanese smartphone company, HTC, for infringing more than 20 Apple’s proprietary inventions from the user interface of an iPhone to its hardware and architecture.

Beta Testing iOS 5

What’s so great about the new iOS 5? Will this be the best iOS version release by Apple yet? The new iOS5 beta 1 was released for Apple’s Developers and I am one of the few lucky people who get to test it first.

New iMacs 2011 Get Faster Processors

Apple updated iMac line 2011 with Quad Core Processors, HD Graphics, Thunderbolt and HD Facetime Camera. 70% Faster than the previous generation.

How to Start Saving Money with Mac

It has come to my awareness that I got to start spending less money starting immediately. After downloading and trying out a few apps on the Mac, I’ve discovered certain apps that could help me saving money in a cool and fun way.