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3 Lessons Tech Companies Can Learn From Gmail

I remember when Gmail was first announced by Google. I don’t think I was the only who rolled his eyes at the news. After all, Hotmail and Yahoo mail already dominated the online mail […]

What Can The Tech World Learn From Amazon?

Yahoo fizzled out. Microsoft has lost its way. AOL is a shadow of its former self. Yes, the giants of Web 1.0 have not had a good time transitioning to this modern age of […]

Is Google Going Too Far In Its War Against Web Spam?

If you heard a low but annoying groan that seemed to come from all the four corners of the world  during the last week of last April 2012, you probably heard the collective whine […]

What Can The Tech World Learn From Yahoo?

Imagine it is 1999. While I am sure you’d be shaking your booty to the Prince song of the same name as the year, there was a lot of booty shaking in the stock […]

Google Drive Cloud Storage Review

Google Drive is essentially the next generation of Google Docs but with a great addition: cloud storage. With Drive, you get all the capabilities you are familiar with from Docs such as the creating, […]

How to Save Money When Buying Online

Today, I’m going to teach how to save tons of money by using some of the online purchase techniques I have practised over the past many years.