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Reasons I don’t like Cloud Computing

Will cloud computing be replacing the hard disk, flash drive or any other form of storage devices? Do you want to live with cloud computing? Why is it good, and how could it be bad?

Keeping Up With The Gadgets

Learn how to stay updated. With new technology and cool gadgets invented every second, how do you keep up or stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest?

Facebook Lawsuit Over Intifada Page

Mark Zuckerberg along with his Internet giant company, Facebook, is being sued for over $1 billion dollar for not taking down a page calling for Intifada against Israel. The lawsuit claims Facebook showed negligence by not taking appropriate decision to remove the page in timely manner, and ask for $1 billion in damages.

Web Hosting for Small Business

How to choose the best web hosting for your small business? When choosing a web hosting, there are couple of factors you’ll need to consider. You will need to be smart about it as well since there are a lot of scams out there both online and offline.

Choosing The Best Web Hosting

There are tons of web hosts to choose from, and choosing the perfect hosting is getting more complicated since there are so many of them claiming that they’re ‘the best’. Over the years, the industry has spawned a broad range of niche markets. Ranging from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, each type of web hosting has its pros and cons.

Top 7 Online Tools to Create Ringtones

Probably all phone owners at one point wanted to change their boring ringtones to something they like more. Apple really did a great job with iPhone ringtones and made it really easy for their iPhone owners to create and set any ringtone they like. But what about the rest phone owners?