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LG Optimus Pad LTE

The LG Optimus Pad LTE is one of the beautiful tablet model from the LG Company. Lots of mobiles are launched by LG Company and get good response from Indian audience. The model is […]

The Future of Computing

With talented technology innovator like Steve Jobs gone; Nadzrul predicts the future of computing. How will the computers look like in the next five years?

iMessage Not Working? Try This!

Is your iMessage app not working? Don’t worry probably it is just a temporary bug. There have been some reports about it not being functional for some users.

Sorry Folks, No iPhone 5, It’s 4S

The new Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the ‘Let’s Talk iPhone Event’ and announces iPhone 4S. It looks exactly like iPhone 4 but with better hardware specs and some new interesting features.

Amazon Kindle Tablet

Priced at $250 the all new Amazon Kindle packed with some interesting hardware together with its custom Android tablet OS. Will this device be a good iPad alternative for the book lovers?

Apple Jealous of Google?

Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt accuses Apple of being jealous. Earlier in March 20th, Apple filed lawsuits against the Taiwanese smartphone company, HTC, for infringing more than 20 Apple’s proprietary inventions from the user interface of an iPhone to its hardware and architecture.