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Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft rесеntlу announced thе Release Preview (RP), thе lаѕt trial version bеfоrе thе final release оf Windows 8. Win 8 Release Preview introduces thе features аnd design thаt аrе expected іn thе final version оf thіѕ […]

Windows 8 – A Developer’s Viewpoint

So the word is out, hopefully we will see Windows 8 before the end of the year 2012. The newly refreshed Windows 8 sports a new front end called the Metro UI and seems […]

How to Start Saving Money with Mac

It has come to my awareness that I got to start spending less money starting immediately. After downloading and trying out a few apps on the Mac, I’ve discovered certain apps that could help me saving money in a cool and fun way.

Sign Documents Using Trackpad

The problem with signing documents is sometimes you have no time to sign them. A simple solution is to implement electronic signing. Instead of signing a printed document; why not do it before you click on that print out button?

Tidy Songs: Music Library Organizer

One of the major differences between an MP3 player user and an iPod user is: ‘iPod users organize their music library better than other MP3 users’. The reason is obvious; the way that iTunes […]

Making Flash Presentation Without ActionScript

How do you make Killer Flash Presentation without the knowledge of Actionscript? Is there an easier solution or any other Flash Alternatives?