Bookrest Lamp

I found this really cool lamp for book readers. I might be getting one soon but I don’t really have any form of desks next to my bed, this lamp will look so cool on the desk next to the bed. This is perfect for night readers, I’m one of them. I don’t really read a lot of books, but if I ever read I’d usually read before going to bed. I only read books once in a while, like the last Harry Potter book (in my appreciation to J.K Rowling masterpiece) I decided to read it from start to finish. The book was thick, but I gotta say Harry Potter was the reason that I actually want to be reading more books. It’s kind of one of the books that has inspired me to love reading.

What’s so great about this lamp? You can put your favorite book on top of it or whatever book that is on your reading list. You don’t even have to use bookmark or anything, just place it on top of the lamp. It is a combination of bedside lamp and a book rest. Whenever you’re ready to put your book down, leave it open to the page, rest it on top of the lamp and not only you’ll get a nice lamp, you’ll get an adorable little house.

Made of frosted glass material, the lamp gives off just the right amount of glow for you to do your night-reading without being too distracting. It is a very creative product, designed to be practical lamp and a funky way to place a book. You can purchase the lamp directly from Amazon Store.

What do you think? Isn’t this the cutest lamp, or do you have something a lot better on your bed side?

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