Jonathan Ive: Apple’s New Hope

Apple Inc. investors, customers and even the fan boys are asking a huge question: Can the company continue making innovative products without its visionary co-founder Steve Jobs? The answer may lie with the ‘Luke Skywalker’ of Apple’s world, the man who designed the iPad and Macbook Air, Jonathan Ive.

The Apple’s lead designer was born in 1967 in London. He studied design at Northumbria University and later worked for a design agency in the United Kingdom. Shortly after, in 1922, Mr. Ive joined Apple (formerly known as Apple Computer Inc.) and instantly became the head of Apple’s industrial design team.

He is the man who is responsible for coming up with the physical look and feel of Apple products that have helped Apple to stand out than the rest of other companies in the consumer electronics industry. His iPad design, the iOS device with aluminum body and a multi-touch capable screen has defined the tablet computer market. The Apple iPad is the market leader of the tablet computer market over-shadowing Galaxy Tab and tablet devices made by company rivals.

Together with amazing marketing team, Jonathan Ive’s inventions have made Apple become the most valuable technology company in the world today. His designs have proven that the PC world is no longer just about Desktop based computers, but portable internet devices that fit in your pocket. The Apple iPhone has become the major income source of the company while the Macs have been the fastest growing product in the personal-computer market, eating up Microsoft Windows PC shares more and more, each and every second.

The role that Jonathan Ive plays at Apple is very important. He works in the background while the other Chief Executives play their role in the public face. According to co-workers he is both brilliant and quite. He has stayed away from the lime light in the design world, and has been known as a person who having won awards but not showing up to collect them.

Jonathan Ive designs Apple products that are constructed to be innovative, aesthetic but yet easy to use. He is very much alive and he’s always up to designing more innovative products for the company. We are expecting a new redesigned Macbooks and yet to be announced iPhone 5.

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