My Thoughts on Flash Technology

As you all might have heard, there has been a war between Adobe and Apple on Flash Availability on the Apple revolutionary mobile devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad).

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, few weeks ago had posted an open letter in the Apple’s Blog (you can read it here) explaining the reasons why Apple has decided not to include Flash Technology on their mobile devices. The article, as you know, was written by Steve Jobs himself and could convince anyone who read it and change your perspectives on Flash. He pointed out that Flash is a technology that doesn’t seem to deliver well in terms of reliability and security, and it is irrelevant in the new era of touch screen devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Shantanu Narayen (Adobe CEO) dismissed Steve Jobs’ points and accuses Apple being “a smokescreen” that distracts the observers from the business motive which is the real reason why Apple did not include Flash on their mobile platforms. Just about yesterday, Adobe made an Ad Campaign targeted at Apple for their anti-Adobe stance (you can view the ad campaign at

Both parties seem to have some clear reasons on the situation. Apple has some good reasons on why they did not want to include Flash, and Adobe dismissed all the Apple’s statements and made some good points as well.

Is Flash Really That Bad?

To be completely honest about it; flash is an amazing technology however I could agree that it is the major reason why my Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer browser crashes most of the times.

On the other hand, HTML 5 might be great for video viewing however I don’t think it is going to replace Flash technology in terms of web interactivity or the Flash powered interface. In another words “Flash is still Cool”. I’m working on my official web profile and guess what? It runs Flash, but don’t worry because there is an alternative view feature for (lack of Flash) devices.

Are top websites really going to switch from Flash to HTML 5?

Youtube is doing it, it is still in the experimental form but you can try it here. Hulu, the second largest video service in the United States, is not switching to HTML 5. This is not a good news for Hulu fans out there waiting for it to be available on the iPad. It would be great if you could watch Hulu on the iPad, but you won’t be able to do that not at least until Apple approves Flash Technology.

Should Adobe give up on Flash and start working on HTML 5 authoring software?

Even if they should, I don’t think they would. Flash is such a revolutionary technology and over the past few years it has made the web more interactive and look better except for some reasons it crashes the Internet Explorer quite frequently.

Is Apple cruel for ditching Flash to iPhone Decompiler?

I’m against the Flash to iPhone decompiler feature where Flash application can be exported into an iPhone App. Trust me, this is really bad and if Apple approved this, today we will see rapid increase in the numbers of iPhone Apps and most of them will be “junk apps”. We want unique and cool apps on the iPhone and we don’t need some random Flash application that was developed 10 years ago turned into an app and make it into the App Store.

Which Team are you on? Team Apple or Team Adobe?

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