Samsung Copies Apple

Is Samsung Copying Apple? Well Apple has been known as a company that delivers ‘design innovation’ in every product they make ever since they first started with Apple Computer.

As you may know the battle of patent infringements between Apple and Samsung have been going on for more than a while now. Apple has been slammed by critics, mostly because the idea of suing other company over a rectangular tablet device doesn’t seem “right”.

Is Apple suing Samsung just because of a rectangular device with touchscreen interface (Galaxy Tab) resembles the iPad? Well, a lot of people think so but if you have a look at some of the comparisons below you’ll see what the lawsuit really is all about:

We can’t deny that before the iPad was first introduced, the tablet market never really took off. If we were to compare what Apple had with the iPhone in 2007 and what other competitors had, you can see that none of the other competitors devices resembles an iPhone. It is hard to deny that Apple has indeed changed the game in the mobile industry.

I’m not saying that no devices out there should resembles an iPhone or an iPad, but if you have a look at the comparison images, I think what Samsung did is just “too much”. They copied almost every aspect of Apple’s iPad.

What do you guys think about these lawsuits?

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