Why Google Nexus 6 is Smarter than Other Flagship Smartphones Right Now

Google may have been very sceptical about their new phablet venture, but lots of tech savvy people are still not sure about going with this device. Google’s adventurous project, Nexus 6 have already hit the market by storm so far, but there are few concerns with this phablet, which is roaming around in several review sites. With some powerful built quality, large screen with magnificent display, Nexus 6 successfully attracted attention.


Google has played the ace right with the enormous display of Nexus 6 by providing the user a large 6-inch display with stunning AMOLED screen, which has a resolution of 2560X1440 pixels. The screen grossly engages 493 pixels per inch of it. Most reviews are stating that Nexus has left iPhone 6 far behind with this colour production, clarity, refresh rate and brightness and the screen offers stunning performance as well. Surely, display is the Nexus’s biggest USP. Nexus 6 has a curved back, which makes the device fit in the hand very easily. It seems that Google has taken ergonomics very seriously to improve the user comfort.

Solid metal body, front firing speakers, curved back and flush camera are some of those features which made Nexus 6 a popular one. Nexus 6 runs on the Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset till date with an advantage of having 3GB of RAM on board.Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 makes sure that the device perform smoothly even under heavy usage. Even after a long gaming period, Nexus 6 body produced an ignorable mild hot sensation. Google Nexus’s HDR camera successfully beats the arch rival Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship camera service. Photos captured on Nexus 6 are packed with details and natural colour. The battery performance is much improved than Nexus 6’s ancestors. It is likely to be much better with tweaks coming with Android Lollipop 5.0.

As with everything, Google Nexus 6 also has something that could have been improved for better quality. According to some review, compared to Moto X’s soft tough grip near the rear side of the device, Nexus 6 falls couple of leap back. Some of the experts are saying that the focus in Nexus 6 camera is as not fast as iPhone’s one. Not sure people will agree or not, but Nexus 6 is not a good bargain for price like previous Nexus models. However, the price is still less than that of iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4.

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