Blu-ray Players Continue To Gain Marketshare

Blu-ray players are a companion for High-Def TVs that includes LCD TV, Plasma, LED TV and 3DTV. These TV sets are compatible with Blu-Ray Discs and capable of displaying all details and sharp images you can get from Blu-ray Discs. All standard Blu-ray players are capable of playing the old CDs and DVDs, so there won’t be any ‘space’ problems for your home theatre set. It is a single player that could play all the CDs ever invented in the world.

Some BD players can also stream video from the Internet and provides instant access to millions of movie clips or even full movie from the World Wide Web. Some of the services that are well known are Netflix and Vudu.

The latest 3D capable players will allow you to watch upcoming 3D movies; perfect for your BD player and that new 3DTV you’ve just gotten.

Standard DVD players are still in the market and widely available. Some updates and additional features like ‘progressive-scan’ have been applied into them however they are no match for the true experience of watching High Definition videos with Blu-Ray Technology.

Portable Blu-ray Players allow you to watch BD movies anywhere you go with crystal crisps images of course, and some of the models come with LED screen display.

Blu-ray discs have the highest-resolution (1080p) available, and the prices have been dropping lately as the manufacturers are battling for the market share. These High Definition movie players are slowly gaining the market share and hopefully in the near future, it will be able to replace DVDs since we have been in the DVD-era for way too long.

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