Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Review

Being a long time fan of the Lego series I was very excited when Lego Batman 2 was announced. Many critics out there say that the Lego games are pretty much all the same, and I must admit in game play terms this is kind of true. However Lego Batman 2 offers some pretty big differences that make this the best game in the Lego series so far.


Presentation wise Lego Batman 2 looks fantastic. Gotham has never looked so great, but that is just the tip of the ice berg. You see, one of the things that makes this so special is that for the very first time in the series there is voice acting. This may not sound like a big deal, but it does the game wonders. It really helps move the story along, and the voice acting is simply fantastic. You really want to play through the story, and find out what happens.


The second biggest feature is the free roam aspect. Gone is the simple hub world from the other Lego games. Now you can run around Gotham doing whatever you want. You can obtain Red and Gold bricks this way and also save citizens who are in peril. This is a great feature that really adds to the longevity of the game. Now it is not perfect, and they could have put in a few more things for you to do, but for a first try it really is a lot of fun.


There has not been any major changes to the core game play, but the Lego series has always been fun, and despite having many releases the game play does not get old. One big addition is the ability to fly. Some characters such as Superman, Green Lantern, Hawkman and Wonder Woman have the ability to fly. This is a lot of fun, but can take a lot to get used to. This is because the flight controls are different in the free roam area than they are during levels.


Lego Batman 2 is a good game, but there are a couple of annoyances. First of all the map in the free roam is really hard to figure out where you are going. You will look at the map, and think you have a idea of where you are going. Only for next time you check the map for you to be in the totally wrong place. My next grievance is in multi player. You can change characters whenever you want, but lets say player 2 is happy being Joker, but player 1 wants to change there character. Well player 2 cannon move until player 1 has selected there character. Both of these are not major things, but for the next Lego game it would be nice if they were fixed.


In all Lego Batman 2 is a really fun game. It has top notch production values along with fun game play, and a ton of replayability. I am not sure what more you could want from a game. this one is highly recommended.

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