Microsoft’s New Xbox 360 Slim

It is to be believed that there won’t be any “next-generation” consoles by either Microsoft or Sony; the creators of Xbox 360 slimmed down and redesigned the Xbox into something that is looking a little more like the older PlayStation 3 Model.

There is no changes to the name. it is still called Xbox 360.

The new design looks amazing in glossy black and it is “whisper quiet” according to Microsoft. You will not hear the fans or any annoying sounds while the console is operating. The new buttons on the console (power and drive) are now touch sensitive. Turn on the Xbox by just touching the power button and it works really awesome.

It has built in WiFi (yay!), five USB ports, and the all upgraded 250GB of hard drive storage. Sadly that is the new Hard Drive, you can’t use the previous Hard Drive model on this new Xbox.

According to the reviewers, there is a new “Kinect” (used to be called Project Natal) port on the back that looks a lot like HTC extension port. However, the Kinect device is likely expected to be compatible with the older Xbox 360 models.

The all new slimmed down Xbox 360 units are shipping to retailers right now at $299.

It is time to sell your old Xbox model and save some money on the new one!

Upgrading to the new Xbox?:

If you have an existing console, you could do the same data transfer process available today, either through Hard Drive data transfer cable, plug-in your thumb drive, or you could download the whole user content directly from Xbox Live.

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