Sony Introduces The PlayStation 4


It’s been many years since the current console generation started, and most gamers would agree that the PlayStation 3 is now obsolete, with old hardware which needs to be updated. Thankfully this week Sony held an event that caught the attention of the media worldwide where they introduced the new PlayStation 4. While the actual console itself was not shown, many interesting tidbits of information were let out, including some hardware components and games that would be available at launch.

This new console will be coming this holiday 2013 season and will bring a lot of innovations. Here are just a few of them:

  • The controller was redesigned and is now called a DualShock 4 with a dedicated share button which points at this console being much more social than before.
  • Players will be able to start streaming their games with the press of a button, along with watching their friends play or send messages in real time.
  • The hardware itself will also be highly improved with an x86 processor architecture, 8GB of DDR5 memory, and a new graphics processor.
  • The PlayStation 4 will also have a secondary chip which will handle background tasks such as downloading games. This means you will be able to play a game while it is still downloading in the background.

There is no pricing available yet, but many game developers showed up at the event to announce their upcoming game for the next-gen console. This included The Witcher 3, inFamous 4, and Watch Dogs.

One of the interesting new feature of the PlayStation 4 is that it will be able to communicate with other devices such as the Vita. This means a lot of the new games will be able to use dual screen technologies to improve the gaming experience. So far Sony has had a very low success with the Vita, where developers are simply not making games for it and players are not buying in great numbers, so this might help the struggling mobile platform.

Of course, not all is good news with the PlayStation 4. They did confirm that PS3 games would not work at all on the PS4 since it uses another architecture, but did promise a streaming option for these games coming down the road.

Are you excited about the new PS4 and will you be purchasing one this coming holiday season?

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