Choosing The Best Web Hosting

Web hosting is an ‘essential part’ or something that must have when building a web site. There are three important things that you need to have in order to build your own website; somewhere to place the files (hosting / server), domain name ( and obviously the files (web pages). I remember the first website I’ve developed , I hosted it on the Bravenet Free Hosting; its pretty good for a starter but once you are making money online then you really got to move on to a better paid web hosting.

There are tons of web hosts to choose from, and choosing the perfect hosting is getting more complicated since there are so many of them claiming that they’re ‘the best‘. Over the years, the industry has spawned a broad range of niche markets. Ranging from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, each type of web hosting has its pros and cons.

The cheapest web hosting is the ‘shared hosting’ and large majority of websites depends on it. Some of the shared hosting are free, but the better ones are paid either yearly or monthly depending on the server specifications. It is called shared hosting because you are sharing web resources like bandwidth and disk space with other paying customers or clients. It is a cost effective website, and great for starters but once you have thousands of web pages and visitors that are coming to your website, you will eventually have to consider for an upgrade.

Dedicated Hosting is another popular option; instead of sharing resources; the hardware and some of the web resources are dedicated to your website. This gives better speed and in certain condition ‘the ranking’ of your website in search engine results pages (SERPS)

Reseller Hosting, Managed Hosting and VPS are brilliant but sometimes they can be complicated for non-techie people and not to mention that they can be costly. If you’re running a serious business on the Internet and have tons of members on your website; or you simply want super-fast website, then one of these three hosting can make a great choice.

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