Google is Designing a New Cross-Platform File Transfer System

Google FIle transfer
The world’s largest search engine behemoth has been diversifying its interest over the internet but within the IT boundaries. They have already swayed the global market with Android and its new play on technologies. Google’s new target is to establish a cross-platform file transfer system that will be more advanced form of what Android Beam is providing us with. Verge reported that this new venture will provide us with a much swifter and smoother track for transferring files in between different platforms including iOS and Chrome.

This is Google’s another project to ease our efforts of file transfer and will be an amalgamation of Apple’s Airdrop and Google’s existing Android Beam. Borrowing from Android Police and Tech Aeris, glimpse of this new technology is found in the recent updates on Google Play. This new project of Google is bearing a code name of Co-presence, which has already been widely accepted by the media.

Expectations are up about Google’s Co-presence that this will open the gates for easy link between cross platforms and users can exchange files, photos, directories and lot more across different operating platforms. The next obvious question that rises is the kind of network it will use for file transfer and the answer is WiFi and WiFi Direct. This will serve as a strong connecting medium for file transfer as heavier files like videos cannot be sent over weaker networks.

Google has known no limits and this very fact fosters us from expecting that it will not just be about simple file transfer but this will also provide ways of synchronising devices of different platforms. There is no doubt that data synchronisation across different platforms will be a game changer by all means.

There are rumours that Co-presence will have some strings tired with another parallel project of Google, named the Nearby. The Nearby feature seems to have something in relation with this file transfer system. Google has kept its mouth closed about this entire matter, but the news bubble will get larger as more information flows in regarding this new cross platform file transfer project.

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