Reasons I don’t like Cloud Computing

Technology evolves from one point to another. I remember back in the middle school when we used to carry around floppy disks and I dropped one of them in the swimming pool (it has cost me my assignment). About a year later, flash drive was introduced and it probably has been the most revolutionary storage device ever invented. The evolution of storage media has been very interesting until recently the cloud technology is introduced.

Cloud is basically hard disk storage or the server on the internet. The idea of having your personal hard disk in the cloud is probably really amazing since you don’t have to worry about Gigabytes anymore. You can pretty much store everything in the cloud and some of the cloud services today allows you to store all your files without having to worry about the limitation of storage capacity.

Two companies that have recently introduced cloud computing services are Apple with iCloud and Google with the Chromebooks. They both look pretty promising but here is the question: “Can you trust the big guys?”. Storing your personal data and information in the cloud also means that you’ll have to trust the cloud service provider.

This is probably the big reason why I won’t be getting that new shiny Google Chromebook anytime soon. I don’t like the idea of having to share my personal data with Google.

Apple on the other hand has redefined the cloud computing with the ‘iCloud’. It actually has redefined what Cloud computing has previously been; however still I don’t see the reason why I would want to let Apple getting free access to my address book.

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