How to Save Money When Buying Online

I still remember the first time I made an online purchase. I bought a domain name along with a hosting account for $100. Since that day, I think I’ve spent my money more ‘online’ than ‘offline’. Why? Well because online deals are amazing! They are a lot cheaper, and you can save tons of money buying things online. Today, I’m going to teach how to save even more money by using some of the online purchase techniques I’ve practised over the past many years.

‘Used’ can be as good as ‘New’

Sometimes you really don’t need to buy something as ‘brand spanking new’. Take Apple products for example, do you really need to buy devices like the Apple TV sealed in the box? Absolutely not! Most of the times, nobody ever dropped their Apple devices especially Apple TV since it stays attached to the TV all the time. Nobody ever intentionally drop their iPhone, and to be honest 9/10 iPhones are being protected by protection gears and heavy metal phone cases all the time! Used devices can be almost as good as brand new devices.

Use Coupons or Voucher Codes

If you’re buying digital (intangible) products like domain names, hosting accounts or eBooks without using online vouchers; you must have spent way more money that you think. Online vendors and dealers have been giving away coupon codes for promotions and advertisement and as a smart consumer, coupon codes are the things that you must not forget to enter during a checkout process. You just got to be patient and keep searching for those coupons. You’ll save hundreds of dollars that could be spent on fancy dinner.

Need a new one? Sell the old one!

Oh my god! Apple has just launched their new iPhone 4S and I’m dying to get one; but what should I do with my iPhone 3GS? Here’s a hint, why not sell those old devices! Even if you’re rich, maybe your grandparents are Apple stock holders or something, always consider selling those old devices that you don’t need because it will ended up in the trash can somehow. How do I know this? Well, I just thrown away my PlayStation X because apparently we are in the Xbox generation and PlayStation X has been resting in my junkyard for years.

When was the last time you make an Online Purchase? What did you buy? Did you use a coupon code?

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