Top 7 Online Tools to Create Ringtones

Probably all phone owners at one point wanted to change their boring ringtones to something they like more. Apple really did a great job with iPhone ringtones and made it really easy for their iPhone owners to create and set any ringtone they like. But what about the rest phone owners?

Best place to create ringtones for your phone is online. There are so many web sites offering such service, that it is really hard to choose one. We do not suggest you downloading any strange software that also creates ringtones, because there is a lot of infected (also known as adware and spyware) software on the Internet. Below is a list of top 7 best online tools to create ringtones!


Myxer in our opinion is by far the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get ringtones on your mobile phone. You just simply select and upload the file you want and download it to your mobile phone. It has customization settings too, including fade in/out settings, custom start point and ringtone length settings. As with most other similar tools, they do not have subscriptions or hidden fees, regular message and data rates are applied.

Website url:


Creating your own ringtones at Melofania is fast and extremely convenient. They also have their own music collection and they always update their site. You just simply upload your favorite track, select a piece that you need and download your new ringtone.

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Phonezoo is a free online ringtones creation tool. Process is really simple. You upload the MP3 you want, give it a start/end point and send to your mobile phone. No monthly fees, so you do not have to worry about your phone bill being really high. By the way, they have Facebook Connect integrated on their site. So if you have a Facebook account, registration will be really simple and fast for you.

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This tool lets you convert your favorite MP3s to a ringtone and send it to your cell phone. Upload, cut the part you want and send directly to your mobile phone. They have a good music and video collection of their own, so be sure to check that out too, there are some good tunes over there. Maximum length of a ringtone is 30 seconds.

Website url:

ToneMine from LetsTalk

Really good solution if you want to get some custom ringtones on your cell phone. ToneMine has very active community, that contributes with latest already made ringtones. This online tool also lets you mix your own ringtones in 8 different music genres.

Website url:

Mad Ringtones

Really great online tool that allows you to upload an MP3 from your hard drive, URL or YouTube. Choose the best part you want and cut the rest. Download to your mobile phone and enjoy your new ringtone.

Website url:


Supports MP3, WMA and OGG audio files. Has a really great set of customization options (they even have BitRate customization option!). You can download to computer or directly to your mobile phone. This one is a really great online tool to create ringtones!

Website url:

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