Web Hosting for Small Business

How to choose the best web hosting for your small business? When choosing a web hosting, there are couple of factors you’ll need to consider. You will need to be smart about it as well since there are a lot of scams out there both online and offline, some people would charge you a web hosting that doesn’t worth the price.

This varies for every business depending on your web specific needs; you will need to find a web hosting that provides what you really want your website to do. For example, if you will be running a company web profile, the hosting doesn’t really need to have all the fancy features but if you will be running a web store with shopping cart etc. you’ll need to go for a web hosting that support these features.

Here are some tips on choosing a web hosting company.

Technical Support
A good web hosting company will always be there to help you overcome any technical problems. Although it is obvious that all companies do offer such thing as ‘technical support’ some of these companies aren’t very helpful. It will take you forever to set up a simple PHP based website if the technical support won’t answer to your email. Make sure that whatever hosting company you choose provides 24×7 technical support through email, phone, or live chat.

A lot of web hosting companies promise tons of things but here is another tip: “Do Not Buy Their Words”. Take a look at the ToS (terms of services), Agreements, and any other reliable form of documents before putting your money on the web hosting company.

Go for the web hosting that is flexible in terms of upgradable web hosting package or anything similar. As your business grows you will in time need a larger web space to support all those traffic.

Make sure that the web hosting company is capable of protecting you from disasters such as DDoS or any Attacks from hackers, technical errors etc. This is another good reason not to buy web hosting from individuals but instead go for reliable web hosting company.

Sure enough you won’t make the hosting sales person telling you if the hosting he or she is promoting ‘sucks’. You will need to do some research on forums or read few articles on whatever the web hosting company you’re ready to invest on.

Data Center Location
There is a theory that search engine such as ‘Google’ gives higher importance to websites hosted on local server. If you are from the US, you should go for a local server instead of getting the server located in other countries. This is important for the Search Engine Ranking of your website.

Understanding the Features of the Web Hosting
There are just tons of features being mentioned in each and every hosting package; so make sure you understand what a package features and most importantly do you need that feature? Ask the sales support team to help you in making all the decision.

Tell them what you need your website to do; and this could be anything from PHP support to Cronjob support. If you are a newbie you might find this article a little bit confusing, but to be honest it is not that difficult to choose a reliable web hosting.

As always, if there is anything you need to ask or if you want me to suggest a reliable web hosting for your website feel free to contact me through the contact form, I’d be happy to help.

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