Amazon Kindle Tablet

We have heard about rumors on the whole new Amazon-made device. According to MG Siegler (TechCrunch), the device is real and it is being tested at the Amazon’s headquarter. The device is simply called the Amazon Kindle and might be released this year in early December. With 7 inch capacitive screen and Android based OS, priced at $250; this device could be a great alternative of an iPad for the book readers.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler had this to say about the new Amazon tablet device:

The tablet’s interface has the all Amazon and Kindle form factors. The color is black, dark blue and orange. All content on the device is being displayed almost like Cover Flow in the iTunes (this includes books, apps and everything you have in the storage). Just below it is the dock which can be used to pin your favorite content in all one easy place to access them. The dock dissappears from the view when the device is turned horizontally. At the top of the dock is the status bar (clock / time, battery and notifications) If updates are available, they will appear in the status bar. It looks pretty good.

Are you excited about the new Kindle Tablet? Is this going to be a big competitor for the iPad?

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