Earphones or Speakers?

Turn down the volume Drake, you’re gonna lose your hearing! – Drake’s Mom

Most teenagers would become ignorance when it comes to earphones. When your mom tells you to turn down the volume since loud music could results loss of hearing, your mom is telling the truth. Well, at least for the most part.

Actually it is not loss of hearing that you should worry about, you’re not going to suddenly lose your hearing in a day. Hearing loss is like blindness, people don’t  get blurry vision in one day, it occurs after numbers of time reading in the dark or hours of watching television or using the computer.

Again, iPod users shouldn’t worry about loss of hearing, it is Tinnitus you should worry about. Tinnitus is this annoying ringing or buzzing noise in your ears, it is curable but trust me, you don’t want it!

This post is quite random actually, I just want to remind my readers that not all technology gadgets are good. Of course iPod redefined the music industry, but it also increase the number of ‘hearing-problems’ in teenagers lives. Learn to enjoy responsibly before it is too late, if you still own an earphone, get rid of it. Do you like listening to iPod while you’re in the backseat? Connect your iPod to your car audio, or at least if you still want to use those earphones, turn down the volume.

Earphone is not the best invention in the music industry, a better alternative is headphone since it doesn’t go directly in your ear. If you really love music as well as your ear and your health, get a good set of speakers.

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