HTC Desire: A Safe Bet

As always, HTC does not disappoint when it comes to the quality of their mobile phones. The HTC Desire is definitely a thing of beauty. It also does not disappoint when it comes to its hardware capabilities. Being from the same crop as the Nexus One, it carries a lot of similarities such as its processor and its camera just to name a few.

Classier Look

Compared to the round, toy-like outward appearance of the Nexus one, the HTC Desire’s body looks more futuristic and classy. Being 119 mm long and 60 mm wide, its 11.9 mm thickness is considerably miniscule. It weighs at a total of 135 g and showcases a soft cover grip.

The main problem of the slim body however is the way that the battery cover was attached. In order to get the SIM card or the battery, a top slit has to be pried. Coupled with its slim body, this really makes it feel like it may break if you exert too much pressure.

The camera with its LED flash as well as the speakers are found in the same place as the ones in the Nexus One. Unlike it however, the Desire does not have a secondary microphone.

Similarities to the Nexus One

The Desire and the Nexus One actually have a lot of similarities. Both carry the Éclair operating system, both have a 3.7 inch capacitive touch screen (800 c 480 resolution), they have the same 512 MB ROM as well as a 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus.

The Desire has a bit more RAM than the Nexus One, 64 MB more to be exact. It also has an optical track pad under its capacitive touch screen. The only main advantage of the Nexus One is that it handles better whenever it is being operated by using a single hand compared to the Desire.

Media Capabilities

The audio files supported by the Desire’s media player are in the MP3, WAV, WMA9 and AAC+ formats. The video files supported are in and MP4, WMV9, H.263 and H.264 formats.

The Friend Stream app is preinstalled so you will always be updated with the latest happenings via Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Clicking on your friend’s Tweet will also launch Peep. The Leap app makes an appearance as well so home screen switching is a breeze.

Live Wallpapers are present if you are into that sort of thing. Although the Desire carries a QSD8250 1 GHz Snapdragon, having the Live Wallpapers feature turned on might still slow things down. It can also shorten your battery’s time, so it might not be a good idea to utilize the feature often.

A Flash Lite plug in is built-in as well. Compared to the Legend, it definitely improved on the HTC Desire due to its powerful processor but it still experiences quite a few hiccups when accessing Flash heavy web sites. Voice to text input is nowhere to be seen though, so buyers beware though if a more voice-capable mobile phone is desired.

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