iMessage Not Working? Try This!

Have you updated your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the latest iOS 5? Every year over the past five years Apple have been rolling out their mobile Operating System and added major new features that redefine mobile technology. This year we get the fifth major release of iOS with some of the amazing new features including Reminders, Newsstand, Notification Center and iMessage.

To upgrade any of your iDevices to the latest iOS all you need to do is connect to iTunes and simply click on ‘Update’ (make sure that you’re running the latest version of iTunes). Updating to a major release of the Apple’s mobile operating system have never been frustrating however sometimes the ‘upgrade‘ doesn’t go as smooth as anyone would want it to be. There have been some reports about iMessage being non-functional even after the feature is activated. iMessage is the revamped Message app that allows free text messaging between iDevices.

Try Rebooting or Resetting Your Device

  1. Hold the Home Button and the Lock Button together to reboot your iDevices.
  2. If Rebooting doesn’t work; It has to be reset. Don’t freak out yet because resetting your iPhone’s settings only reset the settings back to its default. Simply go to “Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings” (this option won’t erase device’s content)

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