Is Microsoft Losing Their ‘Cool’?

More people have considered switching over to Apple’s Products from Microsoft. Windows based Netbook owners are switching to iPads, desktop owners are switching to Macbooks. The only thing that I’ve got left from Microsoft (that is still cool) is Xbox 360. Windows Phones did not impress me, Microsoft Bing gained and contributed a portion of visitors to my website but still something that is good as Bing couldn’t dominate the Search Engine Market.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is now the most valuable technology company (it is no longer Microsoft). The creator of Windows OS is losing their cool. They are having trouble with smartphones, search engine, and it is very likely that Windows Operating System will not last any longer than we think. There are tons of products out there that are replacing Windows Based PC. With smartphones and tablets becoming smarter and more reliable, Microsoft PCs are becoming less relevant every day.

While Microsoft keep making new version of Microsoft Office, Google has been offering another ‘Office Suite’ that is available online for free. Clearly, everything is becoming more mobile, and who knows 5 years from now, it could be likely you wouldn’t even need Microsoft Word or PowerPoint installed in your PC, these programs can be accessed online through High Speed Internet access.

Windows Phone 7?

Windows Phone OS is no match for Apple iOS or Google Android. In the battle of ‘who’s got the better mobile technology’ it has been Apple VS Google, and Microsoft is far away from the Mobile technology Spotlight. Take a look at Microsoft Kin for example, it was a total failure. The number of people who bought the phones are Microsoft fan boys (that’s kind of sad…) which I believe something Microsoft needs to appreciate.

What do you think? Will Microsoft be back one day?

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